Power BI Custom Visual Review: Advanced Trellis by xViz

This review of Advanced Trellis by xViz is an excerpt taken from my Vlog #2 video also available on this channel. In the original video I review Advanced Trellis by xViz and Cards With States by OKViz custom Power BI Visuals.

The original video is more than twenty minutes long, so I cut this review out for those who don’t have time for all the topics I go over in my vlog.

One thought on “Power BI Custom Visual Review: Advanced Trellis by xViz

  1. I also liked the navigational part of the visual you showed here in the video and also the customization available but I agree when you said that it’s still not 100% there yet. I guess, I just would have liked it better if it was more “put together” just like the font you’ve mentioned but yeah, the visual looks nice and has a lot of potential. Hopefully MS buys the right so the guys could truly profit from it too.

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