PowerBI & DAX: Three Reasons to Move All Your Measures to the Metrics Table

Metrics tables are great! I argue that all of you measures should be moved into a Metrics table. Don’t know what a Metrics table is? Care to know why I think you should move all measures to that table? Please watch the video below and your questions will be answered.

My reasons:

  1. Makes it easier to train a user on where to find measures by not scattering them around multiple tables in the model
  2. A calculator icon next to the Metrics table name visually stands out and makes it easier to find
  3. If you have a lot of measures and your Power BI Desktop is too slow when it comes to creating more measures, so you decided to use a tool like Tabular Editor to create more, then having your measures in a BLANK table allows you to quickly refresh it and make those new measures appear in the Desktop view.

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