How to Fix Azure Databricks Refresh Issue in

The full credit for this goes to the Guy in the Cube for his video where Adam talks about how to fix direct query to Azure Databricks models deployed to . Unfortunately, this issue also affects import models as well. If you have an import model from Azure Databricks and you try to set up Refresh in you are likely to see this message:

The issue is [BatchSize=null] parameter in the Source step for your Databricks sourced queries that looks roughly like this – = ApacheSpark.Tables(“https://YOURDATABRICSURL_HERE”, 2, [BatchSize=null])



In order to fix this, you need to delete the offending part of the code, so it looks like this – = ApacheSpark.Tables(“https://YOURDATABRICSURL_HERE”, 2) and then redeploy.

You now should be enter the credentials and set up refresh.


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