More Robust Tile Pinning to Dashboards Introduced in Last Power BI Service Update

Microsoft is making pinning a tile to a dashboard more user friendly with its last weekly Power BI service update. It was not always apparent what dashboard the tile would be pinned to; therefore, the dialog box above will make it much clearer to a user.

More details for the weekly update are available here.

There are couple of interesting things to note in no particular order:

  • This is the third such announcement on Power BI blog which is a great sign that Microsoft is now committing to weekly updates
  • The Power BI Desktop does not currently have an official update cadence. Unofficially, it is being released once a month, on the third week of the month
  • You can see an option for Tile Theming in the screenshot above. There is a Theme section in Power BI Desktop but it is not clear yet what Tile Theming necessarily is. There have been a number of requests from companies who would like to be able to provide consistent color/style themes for all corporate content. Hopefully Tile Theming is the first step towards being able to do it.
  • Extending Power BI trials – “Is your 60-day trial period close to expiration? If so, we have good news for you. You can contact us now to request an extension to your trial”. Basically, it looks to me like Microsoft recognizes that drilldown capability several critical features were not available at GA and therefore it is trying to make things right by extending the trial period. Please note that the article states that these extension requests will require approval from Microsoft.

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