Office 15, Office 365 and few other updates from the Microsoft WPC

Looks like some people will be fired after the yesterday’s microphone fiasco at the WPC… Steve Ballmer’s microphone malfunctioned during his entire keynote. Eventually he had to go through four (4!) microphones until the production staff could get him one that worked … Steve, who by the way looked almost freaky with how much weight he lost, was mighty pissed…

Office 15 was brought up many times during the keynote, Ballmer said he had been using it for a while and it’s very stable and amazing but they stopped short from announcing the date.. The Microsoft rumor is that the official announcement off the public beta will take place during the Microsoft MGX conference in Atlanta next week.

Office 365… I have struggled for a while to get a clear answer with respect to what Business Intelligence features are supported by the product. I decided to get the answers from the proverbial horse’s mouth yesterday and talk to the product group. That decision ended up being the most frustrating experience of the conference so far… I talked to at least six people who started out the conversation by saying that Office 365 is virtually identical in functionality to Sharepoint on premise, however after a two or three clarifying questions every single person told me that I needed to talk to someone else because they actually had no clue what BI features were supported in the cloud. Eventually, the last person I talked to admitted that BI is basically not supported in the Office 365, but what’s worse the person could not even name who would be the right resource to get answers for these types of questions… Very frustrating… But for now, it seems like Office 365 is a great means of bringing the basic Office and sharepoint functionality to end users but no BI is supported yet

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