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Power BI Tutorial: How to Use Single Date Dimension in Your Model (using USERELATIONSHIP() Function)

Let’s take a look at an unfortunately very familiar to most of us business scenario. A patient gets admitted to a hospital, spends several days there and then gets discharged (hopefully feeling much better :) ). In this situation, we have two dates that describe this event, the date of being admitted and the date of being discharged from the

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Power BI Tutorial: How to Create a Star Schema Model in Power BI and Power Pivot Using Power Query


Click Here to download this Tutorial file Very often our analysis starts with a flat data set that contains all of the pertinent columns in a single table that looks like the one above. As we can see, we can analyze this data using three different lenses or dimensions: Product Geography Date Unfortunately, if we create a Pivot Table on

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What is Power BI?


I find it interesting that after it’s been out for a long while, and after some great attempts by non-Microsoft sources to provide an adequate definition, I am still struggling with being able to provide a succinct explanation of what Power BI is to my customers. My best attempt thus far has boiled down to the following two scenarios: Individual

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Teradata, DB2, Folder and Many Others Now Supported via Power Query in Power BI Gateway

This is a biggie… a great number of new data sources is now supported for data refresh via a Power BI Gateway. Please follow this link for details. SAP Business Objects is not yet supported. I am particularly impressed with ability to refresh from folder (please note, only CSV files are supported, a folder full of Excel files will not

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Adding an Index Column to a Power Pivot Model using EARLIER() DAX Function

This post will be a little bit atypical compared to what I normally write about. I usually don’t focus on topics like the one described below because there are plenty of other blogs that cover developer specific issues related to using DAX. However, I ran into an issue few days ago, could not find a solution on the web so

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