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What Is Power BI Designer And Why You Should Start Playing With It Right Now


Although Microsoft has not yet given us an official roadmap for its Power BI offering, I believe it is not beyond the realm of reason to share some educated and uneducated guesses about where the Power BI Designer might fit in. Philosophically speaking, I have heard two opinions about Microsoft creating a standalone tool that combined all Power BI aspects:

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Power BI Tutorial: How to Use Power Query to Load Data from a Formatted Report


Click here to download the data file for this tutorial. We are not always lucky to have our data neatly laid out in rows and columns. Sometimes, our data come in as a formatted report and we need to find a way to massage the data before it can be loaded into a data model. This tutorial will walk you

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Microsoft Releases Excel 2013 BI Stability improvements

Microsoft just released a major stability improvement for Excel 2013. Please read this post here for details. If you have Office 365 you can get this update by clicking on File->Account->Update Options->Update Now. However, many enterprise customers still chose not to deploy Click-To-Run version of office, in which case, there are links to four Knowledge Base (KB) articles at the

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