More Robust Tile Pinning to Dashboards Introduced in Last Power BI Service Update


Microsoft is making pinning a tile to a dashboard more user friendly with its last weekly Power BI service update. It was not always apparent what dashboard the tile would be pinned to; therefore, the dialog box above will make it much clearer to a user. More details for the weekly update are available here. There are couple of interesting

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Power BI Desktop : Merge Query Options

In Power BI Desktop, there are multiple options available when using Merge Query feature. This tutorial reviews each of the options. Data for the tutorial can be obtained by downloading Excel file from here . The file has Product sheet which has details of all the products my company sells The file also has a Manufacturer sheet. This lists the

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Enabling Power View in Excel 2016

In Excel 2016, click on File -> Options -> Add-Ins From the drop down select COM Add-ins and select Go… In COM Add-Ins dialogue, if Power View for Excel is not selected, select the check box and click OK Notice that enabling the Add-In does not provide the ability to create a Power View report from the ribbon Here is

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Power BI Tutorial: Transform data from folder data source

Data for the tutorial can be obtained by downloading CSV files from: For the tutorial I downloaded data for Alabama, Alaska and Arizona into a folder. Open the CSV files, and notice that all of them have the same layout. In this tutorial we are going to: Read data from the folder data source Concatenate all the CSV files

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