Power BI Tutorial: Transform data from folder data source

Data for the tutorial can be obtained by downloading CSV files from: https://www.census.gov/popest/data/intercensal/state/ST-EST00INT-02.html For the tutorial I downloaded data for Alabama, Alaska and Arizona into a folder. Open the CSV files, and notice that all of them have the same layout. In this tutorial we are going to: Read data from the folder data source Concatenate all the CSV files

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Power BI Now Supports Refresh for Designer-built Datasets

Refresh has been a bit of an issue with Power BI. The “old” version of Power BI bundled with Office 365 supports refreshing Power Pivot models against a lot of different data source types using the Power BI Gateway. The “new” version at PowerBI.com until recently only supported refresh of Power Pivot models and only against Azure and a few

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Power BI Designer Now Connects to Google Analytics… Power Query Doesn’t

I am sure it is only a matter of days (hours ?) before Power Query is updated with the Google Analytics connector as well, but I find it very interesting that new Power Query features are now first released in Power BI Designer. I had speculated earlier that Microsoft would/should focus on Designer as the primary means for innovation delivery

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